New York

02 May 2016

Remarks at Tribeca Film Festival Reception for screening of "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2"

Ban Ki-moon

It is a pleasure to join you tonight.

I am a big fan of action movies. James Bond. Mission Impossible. Ocean’s 11 -- or is it now Ocean’s 15?! When I am not dealing with global crises, I watch others deal with danger and try to pick up a few ideas!

I have seen a lot of kung fu movies over the years. But Crouching Tiger was a sensation. I look forward to getting a chance to see the sequel.

I congratulate Michelle Yeoh on her appearance.

I also thank her for her outstanding work in the United Nations campaign for road safety.

She may seem an unlikely candidate for that role, at least judging by Crouching Tiger. Soaring through the trees is not exactly safe!

Then again, she is a superhero -- and she has helped to advance our efforts to reduce traffic fatalities. I am also pleased to have the support of Jean Todt as we strive to save lives.

Now we also have a new mission: fighting climate change and achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The United Nations is working more and more closely with the creative community -- and we look forward to your partnership and support.