16 October 2015

Remarks at Finance for Food Event

Ban Ki-moon

Thank you for the opportunity to address this important event.

I am very encouraged by how this dynamic Milan Expo is supporting my Zero Hunger Challenge. I thank the Government of Italy for doing so much to help the world rise to this challenge.

Three weeks ago, leaders adopted a new vision for the future – with a set of Sustainable Development Goals.

Now we move from adoption to action.

All of you can help drive progress.

Agriculture is essential to progress across the Goals – on food security and nutrition, as well as climate change, women’s empowerment and more.

We have to mobilize more finance for investment in agriculture. And we have to ensure that smallholder farmers are included in the food value chain.

The Millennium Development Goals taught the world that when you help family farms, they can boost national economies.

When investments in agriculture are inclusive, the benefits are lasting.

Ladies and gentlemen,

People ask me if we have the resources to carry out the 2030 Agenda. I ask leaders how they explain having enough money to destroy people and the planet instead of protecting them.

We should all demand answers.

There is plenty of food in our world.

There are more than enough resources to support sustainable agricultural development.

The question should not be what is the cheapest way to feed people but how can we best promote human health and protect the environment.

Leaders have made bold promises. Let us hold them to their word.

You can help us leave no one behind – and create a life of dignity for all.

Thank you.