Washington, D.C.

17 April 2015

Remarks at press conference at World Bank Spring Meetings Special High-Level Event on Ebola

Ban Ki-moon

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. I would like to thank Jim Kim, President of the World Bank, for organizing this gathering, together with the Presidents of the three affected countries. I would like to highly commend the leadership of the three Presidents from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

I am very glad that we are discussing the recovery of these countries when we see a reduction of the number of cases.

This is multilateralism at its height. And the World Bank and WHO and the United Nations have been working very closely. And I really appreciate Dr. Kim’s leadership, and he has played an instrumental role in this.

Just as we helped the affected countries when the outbreak was at its height, we have to stand by them as the outbreak now ebbs.

That means providing essential services to these countries – health care systems, education, jobs and markets.

In July, I will convene a high-level pledging conference in New York to help those countries and to mobilize those resources, financial and technological resources, to help the economic and social recovery.

As you are already aware, on 2 April, I have launched a High-Level Panel on lessons learned, chaired by President [Jakaya] Kikwete of Tanzania.

Based on those lessons, we should not repeat – if there are any weaknesses in addressing Ebola, to avoid any such mistakes and lapse in our efforts. I hope this will help us as the international community to address any such future cases that happen.

Looking forward, I count on the international community to continue to demonstrate generosity and unity of purpose.

In the meantime there is the urgent unfinished task of getting to zero cases and staying there. I think we can make it.

We are now at the toughest stage, the last one mile of our long Marathon race. It is most difficult at the last mile. Let us work together until we reach our goal and have success.

Thank you.