17 November 2007

Remarks at the signing of the agreement between the Government of Spain and the United Nations on the Valencia logistics base

Ban Ki-moon

Buenos dias!

I want to thank the Government of Spain for its generous offer to host a new United Nations logistics base here in Valencia

I welcome the successful conclusion of negotiations the text of the agreement on the use of the premises. This agreement and other administrative agreements will need to be duly considered and approved by the United Nations General Assembly and the Government of Spain.

I will continue my efforts to make this facility a reality. Once realized, such a facility will provide critical information and technology infrastructure, complementing our existing base at Brindisi in Italy, to enable United Nations operations to function efficiently and safely around the world.

I understand the Valencia site will be designed to provide communications services to United Nations missions in the field, as well as United Nations agencies, funds and programmes. Having a second telecommunication facility will mitigate the risk in case of catastrophic failure and, thus, ensure our ability to keep communications between our worldwide operations flowing in a safe and secure manner.

This base will be yet another manifestation of your Government’s support of the United Nations and its operations. In fact, I have just come back from Lebanon, where Spanish soldiers serve under the United Nations flag. Meanwhile, I am grateful to the Spanish Government for its generous help and gracious hospitality in facilitating my programme during my current visit to this region.

Thank you very much.