New York

12 July 2017

Readout of the Secretary-General’s meeting with the Leadership Panel of the Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM)

The Secretary-General met today with the Leadership Panel of the OPCW-UN Joint Investigative Mechanism, Mr. Edmond Mulet, the Head of the Panel, and the two members, Ms. Judy Cheng-Hopkins and Mr. Stefan Mogl. The Panel shared with the Secretary-General their views on the work of the Mechanism, including the way forward until the end of the JIM’s mandate in November and beyond. They emphasized their resolve to pursue the investigations of the Um Housh and Khan Shaykhun incidents in a thorough, independent, impartial and professional manner.
The Secretary-General expressed utmost confidence in the Mechanism and urged all Member States in a position to do so to support its activities. The Secretary-General further emphasized that the use of chemical weapons constitutes a serious violation of international law and that those individuals responsible for any use of chemical weapons must be held accountable.
The Secretary-General stated that the international community must act robustly to address these crimes and ensure respect for the international regime banning the use of chemical weapons.