New York

24 September 2014

Readout of Secretary-General's meeting with His Majesty King Abdullah II of the Hasemite Kingdom of Jordan

The Secretary-General met today with His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan, and he stressed his deep concern about the security threats posed by extremist elements from Syria and Iraq and discussed with His Majesty new avenues for regional cooperation and the UN role. The Secretary-General thanked Jordan for hosting Syrian refugees, and stressed the importance of ensuring that border crossings remain open for all refugees. He also expressed great appreciation for Jordan’s role in supporting the UN Disengagement Observer Force’s (UNDOF’s) continued operations during a period of high tensions.

The Secretary-General stressed the importance of a durable solution to the Gaza crisis and a return to the negotiations for a two-State solution. He thanked Jordan for its humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza.

The two leaders agreed on the great importance of urgent action to reduce the instability in Libya.