Nairobi, Kenya

28 June 2014

Readout of the Secretary-General’s meeting with H. E. Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met today, 28 June, with Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta at the State House in Nairobi.

The Secretary-General thanked the President and the Kenyan government and people for hosting one of the four UN headquarters, and he expressed special appreciation for the President's participation in the first UN Environment Assembly, held in Nairobi with the participation of 163 member states.

The Secretary-General also expressed his solidarity with the people of Kenya in light of recent terrorist incidents. He expressed his confidence in the President's leadership in maintaining Kenya's unity in the face of the security challenges and offered support of the UN.

The two leaders also discussed issues of regional peace and security, including the situations in Somalia in South Sudan. The Secretary-General expressed appreciation to President Kenyatta for the leadership role Kenya is playing to help create sustainable peace in both places.

The Secretary-General also discussed the post 2015 agenda with the President, reviewing the progress to establish sustainable development goals. In that regard, the Secretary-General praised Kenya's leading role in utilizing renewable energy sources.