New York

22 September 2013

Readout of the Secretary-General’s meeting with Mr. Hashim Thaçi, Representative of the Kosovo Authorities

The Secretary-General met with Mr. Hashim Thaçi, Representative of the Kosovo Authorities, today.

They discussed the current situation in Kosovo as well as relations with Serbia. The Secretary-General commended Kosovo leadership for the historic progress achieved in the EU-facilitated dialogue, in particular the landmark Agreement of 19 April 2013. In light of the upcoming local elections in Kosovo on 3 November 2013, he encouraged further constructive engagement between Pristina and Belgrade to ensure Kosovo Serb participation.

The Secretary-General also underlined the importance of close cooperation with the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) and other international presences for the benefit of the “normalisation” and confidence-building between Kosovo and Serbia.