The Hague, the Netherlands

28 August 2013

Read-out of the Secretary-General’s meeting with: President of the International Court of Justice, Judge Tomka, President of the International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Judge Meron, President of the Special Court for Sierra Leone, Judge King,

The Secretary-General met today with the President and the Registrar of the International Court of Justice and the Presidents of the international criminal courts and tribunals based in The Hague.

The Secretary-General commended the UN and UN-assisted criminal tribunals for leading the way in the fight against impunity.  He stressed that it is vital for victims of serious international crimes to see the judicial process take its course.  The Secretary-General also pointed out that ensuring accountability can be an essential element in post-conflict reconciliation and a return to peace and security. 

As the Peace Palace is celebrating its 100th anniversary, the Secretary-General noted that the Peace Palace is a monument to the idea that we can bring about an international system based on peace, justice and freedom for all through our common efforts.  The Secretary-General also expressed his appreciation for the ICJ’s work in shaping international law and contributing to international peace.

The Secretary-General and the Presidents and the Registrar discussed the importance of Member States’ cooperation with the ICC and the UN and UN-assisted tribunals, including in relation to the arrest of indicted persons; the provision of secure funding for international criminal justice; and the need for dedicated and sustained efforts towards the fulfilment of the mandates of the tribunals.