Copenhagen, Denmark

04 July 2013

Readout of the Secretary-General’s telephone conversation with H.E. Mr. Mohamed Kamel Ali Amr, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt

The Secretary-General spoke today with Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohammed Kamal Amr today. 

The Secretary-General, noting that he has been monitoring closely developments in Egypt, expressed deep concern about military intervention into civilian and constitutional affairs.  He reminded the Foreign Minister of the need for the Egyptian authorities to protect the fundamental human rights of all Egyptians, including freedom of speech and assembly.  He also called for an end to all violence, especially sexual violence against women.  Noting that he has long supported the aspirations of the Egyptian people, the Secretary-General called for a peaceful dialogue that includes all parts of Egypt's political spectrum to find a way forward. He stressed the need for a quick return to civilian rule in Egypt based on a clear roadmap for elections. The Secretary-General underscored the UN's support for an Egyptian government fully accountable to the Egyptian people and supportive of Egyptian aspirations.