New York

28 June 2012

Readout of the Secretary-General’s telephone conversations with Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, Egyptian Acting Head of State, and Mr. Muhammad Morsi, President-elect of Egypt

The Secretary-General spoke today and yesterday, respectively, with Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, the Egyptian Acting Head of State, and Mr. Muhammad Morsi, the President-elect of Egypt.

The Secretary-General congratulated the Field Marshal on the recent presidential elections and expressed appreciation for his leadership in having the elections transpire in a peaceful and transparent manner. The Secretary-General noted that the elections did not mark the end of a process but an end of one phase in the process towards democracy.

The Secretary-General said he would do his best to mobilise support from the international community to ensure success for Egypt.

In his conversation with Mr. Morsi, the Secretary-General congratulated the President-elect on his election win.

He urged the President-elect to ensure that all Egyptians would be able to realize their aspirations for greater democracy, the promotion of human rights, and a more prosperous and stable country.

The Secretary-General offered further United Nations expertise and assistance as needed.