Nassau, Bahamas

13 September 2019

Secretary-General's remarks to the press outside the NEMA Emergency Operations Centre

I want to pay tribute to the government and the people of the Bahamas for their extraordinary response to these tragic events.
When you have a catastrophic storm like this one, with its horrible impacts, and at the same time when you have so many entities that want to help, the risk of not responding effectively, the risk of chaos being installed, is always very high. What has happened in the Bahamas is actually that the government is clearly conducting the operations with NEMA (National Emergency Management Agency), very effective in coordination and with the support of the intentional community, so it was possible to have a response that I believe is an example to be followed in many parts of the world where unfortunately, we have not yet seen the same capacity to respond.
So I want to strongly congratulate the government and the people of the Bahamas for this very effective response, and to once again, express my total solidarity to the people of the Bahamas in this tragic moment, my condolences to those that have lost the lives of their members of family, and of course, all my sympathy for all those that have lost their property, their houses, their businesses, and knowing that everything will be done to support them in the reconstruction of their lives. We will be fully supporting the government in its efforts to coordinate the recovery and the reconstruction, that we also hope, as it was the case for the rescue and for the humanitarian aid, will also be a very successful enterprise. Thank you.