St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

07 June 2019

Secretary-General’s remarks to press following his meeting with Russian President, Vladimir Putin

SG: First of all, thank you very much for your kind invitation. It was for me an enormous pleasure to come again to the St. Petersburg Forum.
It is for me a very important opportunity to address the distinguished international audience, governments, business, societies in general on issues that are vital for the United Nations and in particular, in this Forum’s context, the Sustainable Development Goals and the possibility of a fair globalization.
I would also like to underline the very important role that Russia plays in support of multilateralism and the UN - support that is even more important in difficult times we are living in.
And as you rightly said, as a founding member, permanent member of the Security Council, Russia is an absolutely indispensable actor in the international scene today if we want a more balanced world.
And I’m also extremely grateful for the very intense consultations that we have been able to maintain with the Government of the Russian Federation and the mission on both the different crisis situations that we have around the world, from Syria to Libya to the Central African Republic to Yemen. But also on central issues, horizontal issues of concern for us all, from trade to climate to the questions of terrorism and other dimensions of both peace and security and development.