Palu, Indonesia

12 October 2018

Secretary-General’s press remarks at Balaroa site

It is impossible not to feel heart-broken when we see such devastation [as] we have just witnessed. But it is the moment to express – and I want to do it on behalf of the UN and, I believe, the whole international community – full solidarity with the people of Sulawesi and the people of Indonesia and an enormous admiration for the resilience that was demonstrated by the population impacted by this earthquake. Their courage, their spirit of solidarity are remarkable.
I want to pay tribute to the very rapid and effective response led by the government of Indonesia. As the UN, we are ready to support the government; we already have people on the ground. But the leadership must always be the leadership of the government of the country and the international community needs to be supportive of that effort. That is the reason of our presence and our strong commitment to the people of Sulawesi, to the people of Indonesia and our enormous admiration for what is being done here.