London, United Kingdom

02 May 2018

Secretary-General’s remarks at press encounter with H.E. Mrs. Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

The U.K. is a founder of the UN, a permanent member of the Security Council and a pillar of multilateralism.    And obviously, there is no multilateralism without a rules-based system.  If there are no rules, there is no multilateral governance that is possible, so we are very keen on making sure that the world respects […] and we are very keen on working to restore it wherever there is a problem.  I think we are facing a serious threat of non-proliferation, nuclear [or] chemical [weapons], which is one of our main concerns.   And we are working hard, I think; the nuclear part looks promising but in the chemical part, there is a long way to go but we hope that it will lead to an effective resolution mechanism for accountability and we want to make sure there is no impunity. We will be working very closely with the Mission and it is a common concern for a multilateral world with a rules-based system.