16 April 2018

Secretary-General's comments at the King Salman Humanitarian Centre

The King Salman Humanitarian Centre is today one of the most important humanitarian actors and has established partnerships with lots of UN agencies and non-governmental organizations. It is today one of the actors that gives hope to so many people that are suffering because of conflict, because of natural disasters, because of all the dramas in today’s world. KS relief is today a very important pillar of humanitarian aid in the world. And I am very happy with the fact that there is such a strong cooperation between KS relief and the UN humanitarian agencies.

I would also to say that one of my main concerns as Secretary-General of the United Nations is of course the fact that the Palestine refugees face a very challenging situation with the fact that the funding for UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency that provides education, health, and emergency support to them, has a very severe funding problem and we are extremely grateful with the initiative taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide 50 million dollars and we hope that this example will be followed by all other donors in order to make sure that Palestine refugees receive what they are entitled to receive because they’ve already suffered so much. Thank you.