12 February 2017

Secretary-General's comments at the King Salman Humanitarian Centre

Q: What is your impression of the King Salman Humanitarian Centre and its work in Syria and Yemen? 
I saw this centre being born when I was High Commissioner for Refugees and I was very encouraged today to see the centre developing its activities, with a strong commitment to humanitarian principles, not only in Syria and Yemen, but in so many countries around the world. I wish to all that work in the centre the best  success in helping so many people in distress and so many people in need around the world. 
Q: How do you see the importance of partnership between King Salman Humanitarian Centre and the UN? 
The dramas in today’s world are so dramatic, so big. The suffering is enormous. Alone we can do nothing. Together we can do a lot. So, partnership is a key word -- partnership between all humanitarian organizations, and I believe that the King Salman Humanitarian Centre can play a very important role as a catalyst around the world and the region.