Paris, France

11 December 2015

Secretary-General's remarks to media at meeting with COP21 President H.E. Mr. Laurent Fabius

Merci Monsieur le Président de la COP 21 pour votre leadership.

Mesdames, Messieurs,

Je tiens à saluer le leadership de Laurent Fabius à la tête de la COP.

Ses efforts pendant ces derniers mois, mais surtout ces derniers jours et nuits, sont presque surhumains!

Je suis très reconnaissant de son travail. Son travail et sa diplomatie sont très appréciés de toutes les délégations.

Je suis convaincu et confiant que les negotiateurs, les parties, pourront adopter un accord ambitieux et fort.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am encouraged by what we have been doing until now.  And I would like to take this opportunity to highly commend and appreciate the strong commitment and engagement of the ministers, negotiators and all the staff who are engaged in this very difficult negotiation. 

I have been attending many difficult multilateral negotiations, but by any standard, by far, this negotiation is most complicated, most difficult but most important for humanity. We have just very limited hours remaining.  I sincerely hope that the negotiators and ministers will take strong leadership and engagement, and [make] wise decisions.

There are still several outstanding issues, like differentiation or ambitions and climate financing, etc.  But during many years of negotiations, they have identified all the issues; very good solutions have already been presented.  This morning, we have much clearer, streamlined line text.  This is a good basis of cordial negotiations.  Many brackets have been dropped and a few brackets are remaining.

Even though I am not engaged in negotiations, as the Secretary-General of United Nations, I am urging negotiators to make their decision based on a global vision.   This is not the moment of talking about national perspectives.  Good global solutions will help good local solutions.  And this will help this local economy; local economy will help in the implementation of sustainable development goals which were adopted by the world leaders with strong excitement and enthusiasm last September. And I’m again urging and I’m appealing to all state parties to take the final decision for humanity.

Je vous remercie Monsieur le Président de votre leadership.  Thank you very much.