Davos, Switzerland

22 January 2015

Secretary-General's remarks at press conference on GAVI replenishment [as delivered by Amina J. Mohammed, the Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Post-2015 Development Planning]

Good afternoon,

Too many women and children still die from causes that a simple immunization could prevent.

I have seen first-hand how preventable diseases take away precious lives far too soon.  I am proud to champion this upcoming Gavi Replenishment because it is right for individuals and societies. When women and children are healthy, classrooms are fuller, workforces are more productive and whole economies can be transformed.

I applaud the announcement that Gavi has saved 7 million lives. Half a billion people have been immunized since its inception. This has a profound impact on the happiness of individuals and families.

Gavi is working to ensure a fundamental human right – that where a child is born should never determine whether he or she has access to life-saving vaccinations. All mothers want their children to survive, and all children deserve the best possible start in life.

The Gavi partnership, with countries in the lead, gets vaccines to people in the hardest to reach places where they are most needed.

When Gavi has the full resources it needs to do its job, an additional 300 million children get immunized. This translates into saving up to 6 million lives and realizing economic benefits of up to $100 billion. That is a remarkable return on a very wise investment.

It also advances our Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health and the Every Woman Every Child initiative.

This year, we are completing work on the Millennium Development Goals and aiming to adopt a new agenda for a sustainable future. The health of the most vulnerable women and children must stay front and centre.

A renewed Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health can help accelerate progress. I thank Gavi for continuing to boost this Strategy.

We are here together today to send a strong message to the world: the lives of women and children matter to our common future.

A fully resourced Gavi is part of our goal to leave no one behind.

I applaud those countries which have already made pledges.

I call on all countries to make strong pledges at the upcoming Gavi Replenishment Conference and to ensure that they reach their target of $7.5 billion.

This will bring us all closer to a healthier and more prosperous future.

Thank you.