Beijing, China

20 June 2013

Secretary-General's remarks at meeting with State Councilor Yang Jiechi of China

It’s a great pleasure to see you. We have been working very closely but this is the first time since you have taken a much more important responsibility as State Councilor. Thank you for this hospitality.

And I’d like to really thank you for kind words of sympathy and condolences for what had happened yesterday in Mogadishu. I have issued a strong statement condemning this barbaric, despicable attack against the United Nations headquarters in Mogadishu. I have spoken with President Mohamud of Somalia.

At this time my thoughts are with the victims and families of those victims, and also wounded people. This is totally unacceptable when the United Nations is there to help Somali people, to provide development, aid, also ensure political stability and promote human dignity there. I have asked President Mohamud to strengthen, through their national forces as well as AMISOM (African Union Mission in Somalia), the safety and security of UN premises and staff. Many civilians were also killed by this attack. I again condemn this one. Thank you very much for the Chinese Government’s willingness to support and your very kind words.

Taking this opportunity, I’d also like to thank [you for] your leadership, and also the Chinese leadership, for your constructive role in promoting dialogue and trying to create a favourable atmosphere for the resumption of dialogue on the Korean Peninsula. Thank you very much.

Beijing, 20 June 2013