20 June 2013

Secretary-General's press encounter at Beijing's Capital Museum

Q: What can you say about the situation in Somalia following yesterday’s attack?

SG: I have already issued a statement yesterday and I had a telephone talk with President Mohamud of Somalia yesterday again. I repeat my outrage again at this despicable terrorist attack against the United Nations and civilian people. The United Nations will never be deterred by these terrible attacks. We are there to help the Somali government and people to establish political stability and promote development, and promote human rights and human dignity. It is totally unacceptable. And I have asked President Mohamud of Somalia to strengthen the security and safety measures for UN staff and other civilians. And also I have asked AMISOM, the African peacekeepers, to provide the necessary security and safety. We will continue to deliver on our mandate to the people of Somalia.

Q: Is this going to affect the operations of the UN in Somalia?

SG: As I said, we will not be deterred by this despicable terrorist attack. The UN is mandated and the UN is there to help Somali people, that’s our noble mission. It is unacceptable that those Al-Shabab terrorist groups attacked the United Nations and civilian people; we are there for the people and stability.

Q: When you met President Xi yesterday was there any consensus or agreement about North Korean and nuclear issues?

SG: I had a very good exchange of views with President Xi Jinping and Foreign Minister Wang Yi yesterday on how the United Nations and the international community together with the Chinese Government can work together to bring peace and stability and reduce tension on the Korean Peninsula. I expressed my sincere appreciation to the Chinese President and also asked him to continue to play a constructive role and to first of all reduce tension and facilitate a dialogue between South and North Korea.

At this time I’d like to urge again the authorities of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to fully comply with the relevant Security Council resolutions with the aim of realising the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula. I have taken note of the willingness of the DPRK to engage in dialogue. While I welcome such measures, any meaningful dialogue should be firmly anchored in the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula. At the same time it is absolutely necessary that all pending issues on the Korean Peninsula should be resolved peacefully through dialogue, particularly through dialogue between South and North Korea, who are the directly concerned parties.

As UN Secretary-General I will continue to facilitate such a process to create a favourable atmosphere for the resumption of dialogue. Thank you.