12 October 2011

Remarks to reporters after laying a wreath at the grave of Dag Hammarskjöld

Q: What does Hammarskjöld mean to you personally?

SG: Dag Hammarskjold was my hero. He died in the course of a mission. He set a great example how a public servant should do one´s job not only a Secretary-General of the United Nations, but all the leaders and public officals of the world, should emulate his example, what he has left. And I am very much honoured to continue my job as Secretary-General in the course for peace security, development and human rights. He is my hero, he will continue to be my example, I will continue to follow his path

Q: Was he the ideal Secretary-General?

SG: He has set a good framework to maintain peace and security, that is what we are doing in the form of peacekeeping, peacebuilding and mediation. He really has set a great example as Secretary-General of the United Nations. That is why I am here personally to pay my tribute on the eve of beginning my second term as Secretary-General to be inspired by his vision and commitment for peace and security and human rights. Thank you very much.