Islamabad, Pakistan

15 August 2010

Secretary-General's press encounter upon arrival in Pakistan

SG: As-salaam aleikum. I have been here in the past, in Pakistan, but I am here a second time to [convey] my sympathies and my solidarity, along with the United Nations', to the people and government of Pakistan at this time of trial. I am here also to see what is going on and what more needs to and should be done. I am here also to urge the world community to speed up assistance to the Pakistani people. I am looking forward to my meetings with Prime Minister Gillani and His Excellency President Zardari. And I will have an opportunity to see for myself the affected area and I would like to hear the stories of the plight of the affected people.

I will report this matter to the General Assembly of the United Nations Thursday this week and we will try to mobilize all necessary assistance. And remember , the whole world is behind the people of Pakistan in this time of trial. And I am convinced that with the courage, fortitude, resilience and vibrancy of the Pakistani people and government you will overcome and see a better future very soon.

Thank you very much.