Yaounde, Cameroon

10 June 2010

Secretary-General's remarks to the press at the airport before departing Cameroon

SG: Cameroon is widely known as a beacon of stability in Africa. And I have seen for myself such a determined will of the Cameroonian people to develop the social-economic situation.

You have made great progress in many of the Millennium Development Goals. Of course I would encourage strongly for you to do more in the children and maternal health area. I discussed with President Paul Biya on this issue. He assured me [he would] come to the United Nations special Millennium Development Goal summit meeting. I sincerely hope that President Paul Biya speaks out, together with many African leaders so that we can achieve this target by 2015.

All in all, I am very much impressed by what you have achieved - political stability, democratization, and also social-economic development.

I appreciate your contributions to Peacekeeping operations, particularly through sending well-trained, disciplined policemen in Burundi, Kosovo, Haiti and Darfur. I hope that such a strong partnership between the United Nations and Cameroon will be further strengthened in the years to come.