21 March 2010

Secretary-General's remarks with Israeli Deputy Minister Daniel Ayalon, Mashav (Israel's National Agency for International Development) and members of the Government of Israel Haiti Medical Team

Thank you very much Mr. Deputy Minister. It is a great pleasure to meet you and to engage in dialogue with members of Israel's agencies of international development.

While I fully appreciate challenges, political and security of Israel, longing for peace and security with real security, I know that you have shown a great humanity, great love for humanity by dispatching very generous swift aid to Haitian people for suffering from unprecedented (inaudible). I was in Haiti at that time, and met Israeli people who are heavily busily engaged in search and rescue mission. I was very much impressed. And your field hospital saved a lot of people and (inaudible) lots of wounded people. That was great.

I am also grateful as the Secretary General of the United Nations that you dispatched police forces. They are very much welcome and they are contributing themselves to this law and order for the society which has suffered from earthquake. Initial stages there was some disorderly and chaotic situations. With the help of those UN peace keeping forces as well as police forces, they are now under control. You have shown great a contribution to United Nations peace keeping starting from Georgia. And I would strongly welcome and encourage the Israeli government to provide such help in the form of peace keeping and particularly in the UN police forces.

I would much more welcome if you can consider sending female police officers. They would be very much welcome because we need a lot of such female police officers. It has been proved that they are very effective, much more accessible to those vulnerable groups such as women and girls who really need support to them.

You have also shown much great interest and commitment as a part of the United Nations members, in development, agriculture and climate changes and as you said deforestation and desertification areas.

I am very happy to note that Israel has been increasing their contribution to the United Nations agenda but also increasing enhancing your presence at the United Nations as a very responsible member of the United Nations. I am very happy to work with Ambassador Shalev, the representative of Israel to the United Nations. She is very dynamic woman ambassador, I am very happy to work with her.

Thank you