Cite Soleil, Haiti

02 August 2007

Secretary-General's remarks during his visit to Cite Soleil

It is a pleasure for me to visit this city. I know that the citizens of Cité Soleil have known a very difficult time. Now I am very much touched by what I have seen this morning, that you are fully [recovered] from this instability due to MINUSTAH and Police Commissioners efforts and I congratulate you again for your leadership and to have been elected as mayor of Cité Soleil.

MINUSTAH will continue to work jointly with the Haitian National Police in order to ensure security. After a long absence, the HNP has recently resumed patrols in Cité Soleil together with MINUSTAH.

The international community is committed to providing the HNP with the police stations and equipment required for a smoothly functioning police force that has the trust of the community. We must ensure that Cité Soleil does not relapse into the lawless area that it used to be.

MINUSTAH is happy to help your administration by providing technical advisors. It is crucial that the municipal administration be able to function and deliver basic services to the population. We hope that our support will enable you to do so.

I am happy to see that you have been elected as representative of Cité Soleil, and I know that the population will respect your leadership and will be expecting a lot from you. And I need you to continue your leadership and determined will to carry out the reform and stability of your city.

Yesterday I had a very good meeting with President Préval and I was very much impressed by his determined political will to make this country recover from its instability and I encouraged him to continue this political leadership and do more in terms of judicial reforms, reform of the National Police, reform of the Correction and Penal Services and reform of all the institutions of this government and I hope that, as the mayor of Cité Soleil, you will actively participate in this very important process.

I commend your courage to stand against the gangs and corruption and I hope, with the strong support of your residents, you will continue to carry out efforts to fight against terrorism and make this city more prosperous. I wish you all the best. Thank you very much for hospitality. Mesi anpil.