Pamplemousses, Mauritius

14 January 2005

Secretary-General's press encounter following his meeting with Mauritian religious leaders

SG: We just had a very useful meeting with the religious leaders and there's one thing that has impressed me here in Mauritius the fact that all the religions live so harmoniously together and the five religions work very closely. This afternoon we discussed what we can do and they as religious leaders, to fight HIV/AIDS and to get the message out to educate people, because we are concerned about the stigma and the discrimination that is attached to the disease and we stressed that we all need to speak up (inaudible) our fight, it's a fight for the entire society and silence on this (inaudible) means death.

So we are committed to doing whatever we can to educate, to help people living with HIV/AIDS and for the community to show compassion and sensitivity and not cast them aside.