New York

07 December 2004

Press Encounter by the Secretary General following the Islamophobia Conference

Q: The situation in Sudan. What is the latest?

SG: You said the situation in Sudan? What about it?

Q: Is the situation getting any better?

SG: Well, we are doing our best and my representative will be reporting to the [Security] Council next week. And we are doing whatever we can to protect the IDPs and working with the African Union to get in the troops and the monitors as quickly as possible, and trying to intensify our efforts to assist on the humanitarian front.

Q: Mr. Secretary-General, when will you answer the people that are calling for your resignation? When will you talk to them?

SG: I have quite a lot of work to do and I'm carrying on with my work. We have a major agenda next year, and the year ahead, trying to reform this organization. So we'll carry on.

Q: Are you saying definitely no, that you will not resign?

SG: I think you heard my answer.