New York

21 May 2004

Secretary-General's press encounter following Security Council adoption of Resolution 1545 on Burundi (unofficial transcript)

SG: I am pleased with this resolution. I hope the people of Burundi and the protagonists will see this as the interest the international community has in the process. And I hope it would also give them the incentive to move forward and try and resolve this issue once and for all. It's gone on for too long and the people of Burundi have suffered enough.

Q: (translated from the French) Are you satisfied with the mandate on Burundi that has just been adopted?

SG: (translated from the French) Yes, I am very satisfied because it is based on the recommendations I had made to the Security Council. So I am very pleased and I just spoke to the Ambassador of Burundi who is also very pleased.

Q: There are rumours around about the Special Representative that you are probably going to be appointing …

SG: Which one, for Haiti or Burundi?

Q: Burundi.

SG: Oh, Burundi, yes. It will be Carolyn McAskie who will be taking over as the Special Representative for the operation, and I am confident she will do a good job.

Q: Who are the troop contributors to the Burundi peace mission?

SG: Well, we have quite a few of them. And we have some on the ground, including South Africans who will join the UN peacekeeping operation. They will be re-hatted, and we will bring the others down to join them. Thank you.

Q: Considering the shortage, do you think you will have enough troops?

SG: We hope.