New York

29 February 2004

Secretary-General's remarks at the Security Council stakeout after meeting on Haiti

Q: [inaudible] ce soir, M. le secretaire-general?

SG: Je crois que je suis tres heureux pour le peuple haitien qui a besoin de l'aide de la communaute internationale. Aujourd'hui, ce soir, la communaute a montre la volonte d'aider le people haitien, et on va bouger tres rapidement. Je crois qu'on va pouvoir travailler avec eux pour stabiliser le pays et aider la population surtout.

Q: What is the signal sent to the Haitian people?

SG: The signal says that the international community has not forgotten them. We understand their need and we are standing by them in their hour of need. And the international community will do whatever they can to help stabilize the situation. I know some of them may think that it's a bit late, but it's always better than never. It's better late than never and we will do whatever we can to support them.