New York

03 November 2003

Secretary-General's press encounter upon arrival at UNHQ (unofficial transcript)

Q: Has all your staff left Baghdad?

SG: …in principle they should all be out or on their way out.

Q: When do you intend to make security changes. That's coming up this week?

SG: Yes. We are going through the Ahtisaari report. Ahtisaari's report was sort of general, so we are going through the details, trying to find out exactly who did what, who didn't do what, and we are going to be making some changes. In fact, we have started making quite a lot of changes even in Baghdad. The report didn't capture it, but quite a lot has been done, and in other locations, for example, the World Food Programme has taken a look at all its offices around the world and tightened up, and others are doing that. So this is a process that's going to go on.

Q: Not just in Iraq.

SG: Not just [there], it's global. We are going to take measures to protect our staff, particularly in those situations which we consider high vulnerability.