New York

15 May 2019

Note to Correspondents: Questions concerning Moncef Kartas

The Spokesman has been asked questions since the arrest and detention by the Tunisian authorities of Moncef Kartas, a member of the Security Council Sanctions Panel of Experts on Libya. The Government of Tunisia has provided the Organization with documents concerning the prosecution of Mr. Kartas by the Tunisian authorities and the Spokesman has the following to say:
Following a careful review of the documents, the Organization formally notified the Government of Tunisia that it reaffirmed the immunities enjoyed by Mr. Moncef Kartas in relation to the legal proceedings against him in Tunisia and requested Mr. Kartas’ immediate release and for the charges against him to be dropped.
The Organization remains very concerned by the continued detention and prosecution of Mr. Moncef Kartas by the Tunisian authorities, which is in violation of the privileges and immunities that have been granted to Mr. Kartas in the interests of the United Nations. The Organization calls upon the Government of Tunisia to release Mr. Kartas immediately.
The Organization will continue to engage with the Government on this serious matter.