New York

07 September 2018

Note to Correspondents: Closing of United Nations Department of Political Affairs Nepal Liaison Office

The United Nations Department of Political Affairs (DPA) marked the official closure today of the DPA Nepal Liaison Office, established in 2011 following the closure of United Nations Mission in Nepal. Nepal has been a valuable partner of the United Nations and an active contributor of global peace operations since it joined the Organization in 1955. During this period, Nepal has undergone several historic transformations towards peace, stability and prosperity.

For the past two decades, the United Nations has accompanied the Government and Nepali leaders on the county’s pathway to peace, including the 2006 Comprehensive Peace Agreement. Nepal’s homegrown and nationally owned peace process reached an important milestone following the adoption of an inclusive and democratic Constitution in 2015 and completion of three-tier elections in 2017.  

The United Nations and the international community at large have commended the homegrown peaceful transition process.  The United Nations is  committed to continue to work with Nepali political leaders and civil society on consolidating the peace agenda, including on broader human rights and development goals, towards a future of sustained peace and prosperity.

New York, 7 September 2018