New York

21 December 2017

Note to Correspondents on Sexual Harassment

The Spokesman read out the following note today at the Noon Briefing:
The recent wave of reports detailing sexual harassment in the workplace from many organizations and institutions worldwide show how pervasive this form of violence and discrimination is. At the November session of the United Nations System Chief Executives Board (CEB), the Secretary-General stressed that addressing sexual harassment is a growing concern of the international community, and reiterated his zero-tolerance policy and commitment to ensure maximum attention and strengthened action across the United Nations system.
In line with this, the Secretary-General has established a CEB Task Force on addressing sexual harassment in the UN system, under the leadership of Jan Beagle, the Under-Secretary-General for Management. The Task Force will review policies to address and prevent sexual harassment; capacities to investigate allegations; and support and protection offered to victims. It aims to formulate a common and consistent approach to sexual harassment across the UN.
The Task Force has held its first meeting and will submit a report to the Secretary-General and to the CEB [members] at their next session in Spring 2018.