New York

24 November 2015

Note to Correspondents in response to questions regarding an agreement signed by Libyan tribes

In response to questions regarding an agreement signed by Libyan tribes

In response to questions about the agreement for Libya, the Spokesman has the following to say:

The agreement brokered by Qatar is an important development and we hope it will indeed end the inter-communal violence in the south.

The Secretary-General welcomes all initiatives that complement the UN Support Mission in Libya’s (UNSMIL's) work and aim to bring about an end to the conflict in Libya.

The south of Libya has seen a lot of conflict over the past years, particularly around Ubari, and the representatives involved in these talks deserve to be commended for their leadership. Similarly, Qatar is to be commended for its facilitation.

All such local initiatives aimed at ceasefires and reconciliation will need to be complemented by a nationwide political agreement in order to minimize potential conflict going forward. The Secretary-General encourages Qatar to again exert its constructive influence to help bring about a swift signing of the nationwide political agreement in its present form.

The Secretary-General therefore urges Libyan leaders once again to endorse the proposed political agreement. A unified, single Government of National Accord that can begin to address the country's challenges is the best way to build on these local and very important reconciliation initiatives.