New York

20 February 2015

Note to Correspondents on the Report of the Expert Panel on Technology and Innovation in UN Peacekeeping

The Expert Panel on Technology and Innovation in UN Peacekeeping released its report today on how new technologies and innovations can best benefit United Nations Peacekeeping.

The five-member panel of independent experts, led by Jane Holl Lute, was appointed in June 2014 by Under-Secretaries-General Hervé Ladsous from the Department of Peacekeeping Operations and Ameerah Haq from the Department of Field Support to recommend ways in which the technological foundation of peacekeeping operations can be strengthened in order to increase operational effectiveness.

“In a rapidly evolving and complex environment, UN Peacekeeping must be ready to respond to a vast array of challenges. Being able to transition to a culture that values innovation is central to being able to execute more effectively on peacekeeping mandates,” said Ms. Lute.

The Panel’s findings were based on several field visits and interviews with Member States, partner organizations with similar field operations, non-governmental and governmental research institutions and think-tanks as well as industry leaders in a variety of sectors of interest to United Nations Peacekeeping.

The report features a number of practical recommendations to keep pace with innovation and to take full advantage of readily available and existing technologies that are essential to success. “No advantage should be withheld for those working for peace. Missions must deploy with at least the same technological advantages that most governments and enterprises around the world now find indispensable to their daily operations,” added Ms. Lute.

The full report is accessible online: