New York

25 April 2014

Note to correspondents on meeting of Secretary-General's Partnership Group on Myanmar

The Secretary-General convened the first meeting of the Partnership Group on Myanmar today. At the invitation of the Secretary-General, a ministerial delegation from Myanmar also attended the meeting. This attendance was a reflection of the positive direction of the overall reform efforts undertaken by the government of Myanmar and its open and constructive engagement with the international community.

The Partnership Group welcomed the participation of H.E. U Khin Yi, Minister of Immigration and Population Affairs of Myanmar.  Member States voiced their continued support to the reform efforts of the government in the areas of democratization, socio-economic development and national reconciliation. While welcoming the negotiations between the government and the armed ethnic groups, member states called for continued commitment and political will to be displayed on all sides to enable the signing of a nationwide ceasefire and commencement of a political dialogue.

Referring to recent developments in Rakhine, Member States stressed the need for firm action by the government to curb any incitement to violence, including through hate speech. They underlined that overcoming communal tensions and addressing the underlying issues of citizenship were urgent priorities to ensure equity and inclusiveness in the reform process.  

Member States welcomed the decision of the Secretary-General to increase international presence in the Rakhine as well as other areas to address the critical humanitarian situation affecting vulnerable communities there. They expressed appreciation that the government of Myanmar was fully committed to providing all necessary support for such activity by the United Nations and the international community.

Member States also discussed the challenges and implications of the recent conduct of the population and household census across the country.

The Secretary-General reiterated that the United Nations System as a whole would continue to support the Government and people of Myanmar during this critical phase in its transition.