Entebbe, Uganda

24 May 2013

Note to Correspondents following comments by the Secretary-General in response to a question from NHK television in Entebbe, Uganda, about reports relating to remarks made by a senior DPRK Official in Beijing

NHK: Chinese media are reporting that the DPRK leader sent a letter saying he will take positive steps for dialogue. What is your reaction?

SG: I am aware of this news, and I am encouraged by positive news coming from the authorities of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. I hope this positive stance will be followed up by active implementation through consultation by the parties concerned. Obviously, denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula is a top priority and, to facilitate this positive momentum, it will have to be preceded by a lowering of the tension on the Korean Peninsula by the DPRK authorities. At this time, I am particularly appreciative of the Chinese leadership and Government to facilitate this very positive momentum which has been generated through their bilateral talks. I will follow up this matter and I am ready to do whatever I can in furthering this positive momentum.