New York

09 November 2012

Note to Correspondents on the Secretary-General’s meeting with UN-GLOBE officers

Yesterday, the Secretary-General met with officers from UN-GLOBE, the association of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender UN staff. The meeting was historic in that this was the first time that a United Nations Secretary-General met with LGBT staff representatives to hear in person their concerns.

The meeting was requested by UN-GLOBE as a follow-up to the Staff Town Hall in May to address institutionalized discrimination against UN staff members based on their sexual orientation. The Secretary-General, as a global advocate for the rights of all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, stated his determination to do all that he can to tackle the problem and reaffirmed his conviction that the UN must be a leader on equality around the world.

The Secretary-General announced that he was asking the Department of Management to examine how the concerns expressed by GLOBE officers might be addressed administratively. As an immediate measure, the Secretary-General informed that he intends to designate a diversity focal point to support staff and make sure management is more sensitive to the impact of policies and procedures on our LGBT colleagues.