12 November 2019

United Nations Commitment Statement at Nairobi Summit in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD)

[As prepared for delivery by the Deputy Secretary-General]

In celebration of the 25th year anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), and with strong and unwavering support for the full implementation of the ICPD Programme of Action, the Key Actions for its Further Implementation, and the Outcomes of its Review Conferences, as drivers and accelerators of the 2030 Agenda, and its Sustainable Development Goals;
The United Nations System commits:
To uphold the human rights of all people, including their right to sexual and reproductive health, and to accelerate all efforts in support of gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, with a particular emphasis on the most vulnerable and disadvantaged among us, to ensure that no one is left behind;
To intensify system-wide efforts to eliminate all preventable maternal and child mortality and morbidities, to eradicate gender-based violence against women, girls and youth, and to eliminate the unmet need for family planning that constrains the rights and wellbeing of millions of women and young people and limits their potential;
To support investments in the capabilities of adolescents and youth that uphold their rights, and create the necessary conditions through which they can fulfill their potential by guaranteeing access to quality education and appropriate skills at every level, including access to comprehensive sexuality education and youth-friendly services that ensure their health and empowerment, as a necessary precondition for the realization of the demographic dividend, upon which the inclusive economic growth and sustainability of much of the world depends;
To support national governments in the full and accelerated implementation of the ICPD agenda, in line with national implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, by leveraging synergies across the UN system, including through enhanced alignment and coordination in the work of the United Nations Country Teams as a result of the UN Reform process; 
To ensure that no one is left behind, and that we reach the furthest behind first, through the timely and coordinated production and dissemination of disaggregated data, to further support national governments in the elaboration of data-driven policies, strategies and programmes geared towards the fulfilment of the ICPD agenda as a critical contribution to the 2030 Agenda and its SDGs.
To incorporate the outcomes of the Nairobi Summit as an integral component in the Decade of Action to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals.