New York

29 September 2018

Deputy Secretary-General's remarks at the Global Citizen Concert [as delivered]

What’s up New York! Are you having fun?

Tonight, we would like to shine a light on that boy that was born 100 years ago in Eastern Cape in South Africa.

His long walk to freedom signified justice, it signified dignity, and it certainly signified what we are all looking for, peace in our world.

It is that legacy that the United Nations sees in the 17 Global Goals that you’re all here standing for. And what we hope to see is that year on year to 2030, that we can take that journey, we can walk that 12 years to try to get to the 2030 Goals.

I believe that we can do that. Do you believe that we can?

We can end hunger.

We can end sexual harassment and violence against women.

We can certainly ensure that everyone is a digital citizen and that we connect the world.

And so tonight, let us reinforce what we intend to do by achieving those 17 Goals in the next 12 years.

What’s up New York? We can do it!

Thank you.