New York

24 September 2012

Deputy Secretary-General's closing remarks to High-Level Event on Sustainable Energy for All

I welcome the commitment demonstrated today by all sectors of society.

I understand you have had a very productive and constructive discussion so far.

Partnerships are the key to meeting our most critical global challenges: from energy to health, from food security to climate change.

No partner, no actor, no single entity can solve all the problems alone.  We have to put the problems at the centre and gather those who can help find a solution. We must accept shared responsibility and come to an effective division of labour.  This is the model we need to adopt if we are to solve today’s global problems.

That is why the Secretary-General has made development partnerships a priority.

The United Nations is the natural and obvious venue for coming together and working for the common good. Together with partners from the Bretton Woods family and other stakeholders we can be the catalyst.

With sustainable energy for all, we can reduce poverty, strengthen economic growth, and protect our climate and environment.

As the Secretary-General has said, sustainable energy for all is the “golden thread” that ties all these opportunities together and makes them all possible. 

Today we have seen encouraging new commitments that add to the growing momentum behind this groundbreaking initiative.

Ultimately, this initiative will be judged on whether we can provide modern energy to all those who lack it, and whether those who already have plentiful energy can use it more efficiently and sustainably. 

We have a goal, we have a plan, and we have a growing legion of partners to help us achieve it.

Today, the Secretary-General charted the way forward.  Our initiative has strengthened its own governance, leadership and accountability.  It is poised to take us to the next stage of tangible, operational impact on the lives of people.

To get there, we need your strong support and leadership. 

I am very encouraged by the arrangements for the initiative announced today, including the creation of the Advisory Board to be co-chaired by the Secretary-General and the World Bank President.  This promises to be a high qualitative and dynamic partnership.

I also welcome Chad Holliday – a true champion in the private sector and in sustainable energy, as chair of the Executive Committee and Kandeh Yumkella as the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Sustainable Energy for All and chief executive of the effort. Together with Assistant Secretary-General Bob Orr they will drive this initiative forward and they have my full support. 

We look forward to building this partnership so that together, we can achieve sustainable energy for all. 

Thank you.