Field Missions Dashboard

The Field Missions Dashboard is elaborated by the Security Council Affairs Division as an information resource for the preparation of the Repertoire of the Practice of the Security Council. The Field Missions Dashboard categorizes the mandates of all existing United Nations peacekeeping operations and special political missions into 21 mandate components  – see following page – on the basis of provisions of relevant Security Council decisions. The categorization into 21 mandate components does not reflect any practice or position of the Security Council and is not intended to express any view regarding the status of the mandates of the missions concerned. The Field Missions Dashboard is updated on a quarterly basis (last update: 31 March 2022).

The Field Missions Dashboard is a collaborative project between DPPA, DPO and United Nations Volunteers, with the expertise of Mr. Farakh Saeed through the United Nations Online Volunteering Programme.

How to Navigate

The Field Missions Dashboard consists of an interactive map displaying all active peacekeeping operations and special political missions with their headquarters. The map is your starting point to browse information on mandate components. You can select one or multiple missions individually or through area browsing. At any point you can click [BACK] to return to the map. Below is a list of the main functions and commands:

Mission Details provides a list of mandate components for each mission as well as all relevant Security Council decisions. It includes the original decision for each mandate component and all subsequent decisions amending each component. You may select rows and/or columns and download all relevant information concerning each mission.

Show Section Text provides the text of the specific provision(s) of Security Council decision(s).

Read Full Resolution opens a new window with a .pdf version of the relevant Security Council decision.

For access to the full data source published in Microsoft Excel of the Field Mission Dashboard, please click here Field Missions Dashboard Data