Relationships and Collaboration

The Secretary-General’s Peacekeeping Reform Agenda, describes the importance of fostering continuous dialogue between the UN Secretariat, the Security Council, and the Troop Contributing Countries on peacekeeping mandates and operations. The MSC, by virtue of it being the military representative of the Security Council is uniquely positioned to promote the UN Secretariat’s triangular consultation process through its informal meetings and POW activities related to peacekeeping. In accordance with Article 47, the MSC may invite any non-permanent Member State “to be associated with it when the efficient discharge of the Committee’s responsibilities requires the participation of that Member in its work.” However, such invitations are acceptable “only with the unanimous approval” of the P5 Military Advisers.

The linkages between the MSC and those offices of the Secretariat who have a direct impact on the military aspects of peacekeeping, although not formalised, remain relevant and require coordination and ongoing mutual support. These offices include but are not limited to the Security Council and the Office of Military Affairs.