Date on which the narrative summary became available on the Committee's website: 
29 October 2014
Reason for listing: 

Fares Mohammed Mana'a was listed on 12 April 2010 pursuant to paragraph 8 of resolution 1844 (2008).

Additional information: 

“Fares Mohammed Mana'a has directly or indirectly supplied, sold or transferred to Somalia arms or related materiel in violation of the arms embargo. MANA’A is a known arms trafficker. In October 2009, the Yemeni government released a blacklist of arms dealers with MANA’A "on top," as part of an effort to stem the flood of weapons in the country, where weapons reportedly outnumber people. "Faris Manaa is a major weapons trafficker, and that's well known," according to June 2009 reporting by a U.S. journalist who is a commentator on Yemeni affairs, authors a semi-annual country report, and has contributed to Jane's Intelligence Group. In a December 2007 Yemen Times article, he is referenced as "Sheikh Fares Mohammed Mana'a, an arms dealer." In a January 2008 Yemen Times article, he is referred to as "Sheikh Faris Mana'a, an arms tradesman." As of mid-2008, Yemen continues to serve as a hub for illegal arms shipments to the Horn of Africa, particularly arms shipments by boat to Somalia. There are unconfirmed reports that Faris Mana'a has participated in shipments to Somalia on numerous occasions. In 2004, Mana was involved in weapons contracts from Eastern Europe for weapons allegedly marketed to Somali fighters. Despite the Somalia UN arms embargo since 1992, Mana'a's interest in trafficking arms into Somalia can be traced back at least to 2003. MANA'A made an offer to buy thousands of arms in 2003 from Eastern Europe, and indicated that he planned to sell some of the arms in Somalia.”