Date on which the narrative summary became available on the Committee's website: 
8 March 2018
Reason for listing: 

Ahmad Iman Ali was listed on 8 March 2018 pursuant to resolution 1844 (2008).

Additional information: 

Ahmad Iman Ali is a prominent Kenyan Al-Shabaab commander who has served as the group’s leader in Kenya since 2012.  He is director of the group’s Kenyan branch operations and routinely targets Kenyan AMISOM troops in Somalia, such as a January 2016 attack on Kenyan AMISOM troops in El Adde, Somalia.  Ali is also responsible for Al-Shabaab propaganda targeting the Kenyan government and civilians, such as a July 2017 video in which he issues threats to Muslims serving in Kenya’s security forces.  In addition to these activities, Ali has at times also served as an Al-Shabaab recruiter, focusing on poor youth in Nairobi slums, as well as a Shabaab fundraiser who utilizes mosques in an effort to secure resources.  His overall goal is to destabilize Kenya by threatening, planning, and executing attacks, and to encourage young Muslims to participate in fighting against Kenyan security forces.