Date on which the narrative summary became available on the Committee's website: 
1 July 2015
Reason for listing: 

Simon Gatwech Dual was listed on 1 July 2015 pursuant to paragraphs 6, 7(a), 7(d), and 8 of resolution  2206 (2015) as, “responsible for or complicit in, or having engaged in, directly or indirectly, actions or policies that threaten the peace, security or stability of South Sudan;” “actions or policies that have the purpose or effect of expanding or extending the conflict in South Sudan or obstructing reconciliation or peace talks or processes, including breaches of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement”; “the targeting of civilians, including women and children, through the commission of acts of violence (including killing, maiming, torture, or rape or other sexual violence), abduction, enforced disappearance, forced displacement, or attacks on schools, hospitals, religious sites, or locations where civilians are seeking refuge, or through conduct that would constitute a serious abuse or violation of human rights or a violation of international humanitarian law;” and as a leader “of any entity, including any South Sudanese government, opposition, militia, or other group, that has, or whose members have, engaged in any of the activities described in paragraphs 6 and 7”.

Additional information: 

Simon Gatwech Dual (Gatwech Dual) has engaged in actions or policies that threaten the peace, security or stability of South Sudan and is a leader of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO), an entity that has engaged in: actions that threaten the peace, security or stability of South Sudan; and targeted civilians, including women and children, through the commission of acts of violence.

Gatwech Dual is the SPLM-IO Chief of General Staff and was previously the commander of opposition forces in Jonglei State.

In 2014 to 2015, Gatwech Dual had a large number of troops under his command and operated somewhat autonomously in leading attacks. Gatwech Dual oversees the deployment of SPLM-IO and likely the deployment of some White Army (a Nuer youth militia) forces as well.

In late April 2014, forces under Gatwech Dual’s overall command were gaining territory in Jonglei State as they marched on the state capital of Bor.  Gatwech Dual may have used the news of the April 17, 2014 attack on Nuer internally displaced persons at the UN compound in Bor to incite his troops to seek revenge.  The IGAD Monitoring and Verification Mechanism in Upper Nile, Unity and Jonglei states also cited forces under Gatwech Dual in its August 14, 2014 summary of ceasefire violations.

Gatwech Dual’s forces conducted an early February 2015 attack in Jonglei State.  As of March 2015, Gatwech Dual had tried to destroy the peace in Jonglei State through attacks on the civilian population.

In late April 2015, Gatwech Dual was involved in planning and coordinating surprise attacks against South Sudanese government forces in Upper Nile State.  The IGAD Monitoring and Verification Mechanism summary report of cessation of hostilities violations from May 12-31, 2015 lists breaches by opposition forces under Gatwech's control, including an attack on government forces in Ayod.

SPLM-IO forces under Gatwech Dual's command targeted women, children and civilians.  Gatwech Dual reportedly ordered units under his command to kill Dinka prisoners of war (POWs), women, and children, and officers under his command stated that opposition forces should not make any distinctions between different Dinka tribes and should kill all of them.