Procedures for Delisting

I. Relevant Security Council resolutions /Committee Guidelines

  • Committee Guidelines: Section 7.

II. Who is entitled to submit a delisting request?

Member States may at any time submit to the Committee requests for delisting of individuals and entities inscribed on the 2206 Sanctions List.

A petitioner seeking to submit a request for delisting can do so either directly to the Focal Point for Delisting through his/her State of residence or nationality.

A State can decide that as a rule, its nationals or residents should address their delisting requests directly to the Focal Point for Delisting. The State will do so by a declaration addressed to the Chair that will be published on the Committee’s website.

III. What should be included in a delisting request to the Committee?

Delisting requests should contain the following information:

  1. explanation as to why the designation does not or no longer meets the Listing Criteria (in particular through countering the reasons for listing as stated in the list entry for that particular individual or entity);
  2. the designee’s current occupation and/or activities, and any other relevant information;
  3. any documentation supporting the request can be referred to and/or attached together with the explanation of its relevance, where appropriate.

For a deceased individual, the delisting request shall be submitted either directly to the Committee by a State, or through the Focal Point for Delisting by his/her legal beneficiary, together with an official documentation certifying that status. The statement of case supporting the delisting request shall include the following information:

  1. death certificate or similar official documentation confirming the death whenever possible;
  2. whether or not any legal beneficiary of the deceased’s estate or any joint owner of his /her assets is on the Sanctions List as well.

IV. How to make a delisting request?

The delisting requests can be submitted either to the Committee or through the Focal Point for Delisting.

For petitioners choosing to submit a petition to the Focal Point for Delisting, the relevant procedure can be accessed here.

If the petitioner submits the petition to the State of residence or nationality, the following procedure should be followed:

  1. The State to which a petition is submitted (the petitioned State) should review all relevant information and then approach bilaterally the designating State(s) to seek additional information and to hold consultations on the delisting request;
  2. The designating State(s) may also request additional information from the petitioner’s State of nationality or residence. The petitioned and the designating State(s) may, as appropriate, consult with the Chair during the course of any such bilateral consultations;
  3. If, after reviewing any additional information, the petitioned State wishes to pursue a delisting request, it should seek to persuade the designating State(s) to submit jointly or separately a request for delisting to the Committee. The petitioned State may, without an accompanying request from the designating State(s), submit a request for delisting to the Committee, pursuant to the no-objection procedure.

V. Decision-making of the Committee

In accordance with Section 7 of Committee Guidelines, the Committee will consider all complete delisting requests.

If the Committee approves the delisting requests, the Secretariat shall, within one week after a name is removed from the List, notify the Permanent Mission of the State or States where the individual or entity is believed to be located and, in the case of individuals, the country of which the person is a national or resident (to the extent this information is known).