Arms embargo exemptions in effect

 In accordance with paragraph 5 of resolution 2428 (2018), the 2206 Sanctions Committee on South Sudan has granted the following arms embargo request in favour of :

Exemption granted to


Purpose of the use


End user


Technical specifications and quantity of arms and related materiel of all types to be shipped, or training or financial, technical or other assistance to be provided


Supplier (when applicable)


Proposed date of delivery (when applicable)


Mode of transportation and itinerary of shipments (when applicable)
























*The exemption(s) request(s) granted are published on the Committee’s website pursuant to paragraph 12 (f) of the Committee’s Guidelines, by which the Committee decided that “(f) Unless the Committee otherwise decides, the agreed arms embargo exemption would be posted to the Committee’s website for the following period: from the date of the Chair’s letter conveying the Committee’s agreement with the exemption request, until the date of delivery of the exempted material, as confirmed by the supplier State”.