Date on which the narrative summary became available on the Committee's website: 
23 February 2001
Reason for listing: 

Najibullah Haqqani Hidayatullah was listed on 23 February 2001 originally as Deputy Minister of Public Works of the Taliban regime so falling within the provisions of resolutions 1267 (1999) and 1333 (2000) of the United Nations Security Council regarding acts and activities of the Taliban authorities.

Additional information: 

Najibullah Haqqani Hidayatullah also served as Deputy Minister of Finance of the Taliban regime. This designation was added to the List on 18 July 2007. On 27 September 2007, the listing of this name was updated to remove the original designation of ‘Deputy Minister of Public Works of the Taliban regime’.

Najibullah Haqqani Hidayatullah was a member of the Taliban Council in the Kunar Province, Afghanistan, as at May 2007. He is a cousin of Noor Jalal Gul Jan (TAi.056).

As at June 2008, the Taliban leadership appointed him the person responsible for military activity in the Kunar Province.

Najibullah Haqqani Hidayatullah was a Taliban member responsible for Laghman Province as of late 2010.